How do I get on the Challenge Board?

You need to be a member of the Kman Team. You can join here.

How do I submit my miles?

Once you are a member you’ll get a private link that will let you enter your monthly miles for swimming, cycling, running (or walking), and kinetic (hours). The kinetic category is used for exercise that isn’t one of the other 3 categories. Examples would be weight training or yoga. You may also edit your name if necessary. Be sure to click on the green “SAVE” button to submit the information or it won’t be entered. It’s a good idea to check the Challenge Board after you’ve entered your miles to verify the data was entered successfully.

The private link will let you enter your miles for the previous month as soon as the new month starts (midnight Greenwich time). The only exception is after December 21 ¬†when you’ll be able to enter your December miles in addition to your November miles. Using the month selector you can also add or edit miles for previous months. The Challenge is over at the end of the year so don’t be late with your December miles.

To qualify for an award you need to be at or above the 100% level in any combination of the four categories. It’s easiest to check out the Total Effort page to see how your are doing. If you are in the green or above you’re in.

If you lose your private link:

You can have it emailed to you by going to the private link request page. You’ll need to enter the email address you have listed in the Challenge Board miles report form.

The Challenge Miles Form doesn’t work

If you click on the Challenge Miles Form without using your private link, it will report “No record was found.” You have to access the Challenge Miles Form using your private link.

I’m a member but never received a private link

Send me an email at I’ll verify your membership and send you a private link.